Disaster Preparedness Restoration Service

Disaster Preparedness

Our disaster preparedness restoration service include board-ups, sandbags, securing doors, windows and outbuildings.

Storm Cleanup

Safety comes first! We make sure the gas and power are turned off, and there are no fires. Then our crew begins the heavy lifting.

Damage Assessments

We can assist your insurance company by noting the damage we see when inspecting and provide a written preliminary report.


If we know there is a chance of flooding in your area, we can take precautions by using sandbags and boarding up where water may enter.


Ross Services not only restores the damage your property has sustained, but we also restore your business by getting you back on track fast.


From minor repairs to restoration to rebuilding, RSC has you covered. Just give us a call at 833-767-7782.

Ross Services

Hurricane Preparedness
Hurricane Prep

RSC will help you prepare before the hurricane arrives by securing your property, transporting you and your pets, and if you are not under evacuation, suggest some supplies like; water, can and dry food, medical kit, etc...

Tornado Cleanup
Tornado Clean-Up

Speaking from experience, this is a hazardous undertaking; live power lines, broken gas pipes, leaning buildings that could collapse, working with rescue crews to extract trapped people. After that, our clean-up begins.

Fllod Damage Clean Up
Flood Damage

Floodwaters are never clean and contain bacteria, debris, and even dangerous animals. If your business or home is flooded, we can help by removing the items inside and pumping out the water. Then we assess the repairs needed.

Written Assessment
Written Assessments

Once everything is visible, we can begin inspecting all damage and recommend where to start repairs. Your insurance company will require a written assessment, and we will work with them if needed.

Disaster Response Team


Response time is critical, especially when there may be lives at risk. Your property is second but still significant. Knowing the risk and understanding which weather event hit you are part of responding quickly.

Disaster Recovery Crew


Disaster recovery plans are vital. If you do not have one, many are listed online or in writing by local, state, and federal authorities. Our recovery plan depends on your location and the disaster you just endured.

Secure Your Property


We can secure your property if we have enough warning that a disaster is impending. After the disaster strikes, safety first, finding people and pets, then securing your property as part of our disaster preparedness restoration service.